Homophobia Awareness Training

Here is a link to my Homophobia Awareness Training Facebook page.

And here is a link to my Homophobia Awareness Training programme on YouTube.

I (Jan Bridget) qualified as a tutor trainer in 1983 when I worked for Lancashire Youth Service. I started to develop awareness training courses in 1987, when I jointly set up and ran Lesbian Information Service with Sandra Lucille.

As well as developing short courses I also developed three modules which I taught on the Youth and Community Training course at Manchester University. These were on homophobia; classism; and anti-oppressive work.

I have organised and jointly organised local, regional and national conferences on, e.g. Lesbians, Gays and Mental Health; Lesbians, Gays and Alcohol; Working with LGBT Young People.

Presentations and keynote speeches have included, young lesbians and suicide; lesbians and alcohol; lesbian and gay youth: a high risk for suicide, at events such as Mind conferences; various NHS trusts; and the Department of Health.

For a comprehensive list of training/presentations/workshops/keynote speeches, as well as evaluations, exercises, outline programmes, etc., during this period click here.

When I set up Gay and Lesbian Youth in Calderdale in 1999, with a group of young people, I continued to develop awareness training packages. Further Information below includes several evaluations from training programmes I have run in Calderdale. Click here to access a comprehensive list of agencies trained and presentations given during this period.

I also set up a Members Presentation group and supported members of Gay and Lesbian Youth in Calderdale to give presentations at local, regional and national events. These included presentations at LGBT History Month prelaunch event (British Museum); Schools Out (Drill Hall); Barnardo's LGBT conference (Cardiff); various Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (York, Leeds, Bradford); and at the launch of the Youth Chances project (London).

Agencies I have trained include youth servicess, social services, housing, probation service, mental health service, health services, schools, victim support, sexual health services, alcohol and drug services.

Here are a few comments from past participants:

"I have a better understanding of internalised homophobia; I feel I now have more resources available; I have more confidence and a better understanding regarding approaching clients with regard to their sexuality."

"Better understanding of difficulties experienced by young LGBs and long term impact; inability of some agencies to ask the question leaves LGBs only partially accessing provision - importance of question being asked."

"I feel I am now more aware of lesbian and gay issues and I am now quite motivated to do some more work around making others more aware."